Dr. Wes Naylor iFest Presentation

Substituting Game-based Virtual Environment Simulation for Physical Simulators: A Future of Opportunity and Challenges

Dr. Wes Naylor

A case study was recently completed by the speaker that examined the use of game-based virtual environment simulation as a replacement for physical simulators at the Submarine Learning Center in Groton, Connecticut. The study examined student throughput results before and after the training intervention and revealed opportunities and challenges in this domain.


Dr. Wes Naylor is a retired Naval Aviator and the former Commanding Officer of the Naval Air Warefare Center Training Systems Division. Hew is currently the Executive Director of Management and Executive Education at the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College and the President and Managing Partner of the Coe & Naylor Group, a consulting firm that works in the Training, and Modeling & Simulation domains. His research interests are related to the expansion of the use of gaming and Modeling and Simulation beyong the military sector.


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